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Motorsport insurance? We've got it covered
ANNUAL Storage & Transit cover for competition karts
Includes THEFT
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This is an annual THEFT insurance that can be extended to insure accident damage in transit. Our unique kart insurance also includes an On TRACK option to protect against chassis crash damage.
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CHILD disability cover
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our special kart competitor insurance policies are designed with children in mind. Insure up to £250,000 for disability TODAY
Competitor Injury Cover
This common sense peace of mind insurance for the season. Cover for loss or earnings and medical expenses.
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Kart Theft Insurance

Our annual kart theft insurance can also covers for storage and transit risks.

Basic cover for our go kart theft insurance includes theft, accidental damage and fire insurance from storage premises. Datatag offers a unique identification to your go kart and all insured equipment acting as both a deterrent to thieves and aids police and insurers in the recovery of stolen property.

Our go kart theft insurance policies come with options that allow you to extend your cover while travelling to and from a karting event and whilst at the circuit during a karting weekend.

Go Kart theft insurance policies provided by us include a unique circuit ON TRACK extension that will protect your kart chassis in the event it should be badly damaged while you are racing. We are the only providers of this type of cover so your kart theft insurance policy can now include uo to £1,500 of chassis damage.

We also recognise that it is not just the kart itself that needs insurance but all the associated equipment. This includes your race wear, helmet, tools, spares, equipment and even your trailer. Obtain your FREE quotation today and see just how much cover our kart theft insurance policies can provide.

MSA Kart Licence Holder Insurance

We don't limit ourselves to just kart theft insurance and we have a special Kart drivers personal accident insurance policy. This is specially designed for MSA Kart Licence holders is available for; death, permanent disablement insurance or permanent disability and even loss of income. For circuit karting at those European race events your go kart racing personal injury policy can include emergency medical expenses and repatriation.

If you are an anxious parent with children looking to be taking up karting for the first time or already have kids learning the skills of circuit karting then our on-line kart insurance accident policy for children will allow you to cover up to £250,000 for permanent disability for under £90 for the season. 

We have the policy for you whether you need insurance for go karts during your go karting at a race circuit, on the way to the track, or you need a to cover personal injury to go kart drivers.