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Motorsport insurance? We've got it covered

How to claim

Guidelines including "Instructions" or "Procedure" can be found on the right hand side.

We require (1) you to make a formal "Notification" of a new claim by completing the form on relevant link below and (2) some claims require an additional "Report Form" to be completed also:

REPORT FORMS for completion to support your claim:

If you are unsure which forms to use then please call us on 0203 427 5960 0203 427 5960

These details will be forwarded to your insurers and / or their loss adjuster who may handle claims on their behalf.

Details of the role of the loss adjuster can be found under "FAQ's"

What happens after I submit details of my claim?
We will confirm details of your policy to the loss adjuster who will progress your claim thereafter. The loss adjuster will usually require a Form of Acceptance to be completed and signed when the final settlement figure has been agreed.

When will the claim be paid?
This depends on the type of loss / accident and the magnitude of claim involved. Most claims for damaged cars, bikes or karts will be concluded within three to six weeks.

Who makes the claim payment?
The actual payment of the claims monies will come directly from your insurers or their third party claims administrator to the account payee specified and agreed at the time of signing the Form of Acceptance.