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Motorsport insurance? We've got it covered
  • Competition On Track

    Buy per event or up to 4 events at a time. Aggregate insurance up to £30,000. Option to also insure your excess.

  • Road Risks

    Annual Cover with automatic 15% Discount for new customers. Options to include Road Section Cover and also Vehicle Recovery insurance.

  • Karting

    Annual cover from £69.95. Options to include on track chassis damage and theft away from your premises.

  • Bike Sport

    Daily cover for up to 8 days in advance. Premiums from just £40 per day with with £500 min excess.

  • Personal Injury

    A "must have" cover for any competition. £70 buys you peace of mind protection of £100,000 for death or disability. Loss of income also available.

Accident Statement:
Insurers require an independent statement from a circuit official confirming the location, date and time of the accident.

This form can also be downloaded from our website (see "Notification" link).

Insurers will repudiate your claim if you are unable to provide this.

We MUST be notified online within 48 hours of an accident which may give rise to a claim.
This should be done directly on the MORIS website by clicking on the 'Notification' link. This must be submitted to formally notify us of your claim.

Insurers may repudiate your claim if this initial notification is late.

Loss Adjuster:
Your On Track Insurers may require that the processing of your claim is overseen by an independent third party and may engage the services of a loss adjuster. This is to ensure your claim is treated effectively and fairly if there are areas of discussion.

Correspondence relating to your claim should be sent directly to MORIS unless notified otherwise.

A report will be submitted from the loss adjuster to MORIS for onward transmission to insurers.

Claim payment will come directly from Everitt Boles unless advised otherwise.

PHOTOGRAPHS must be taken PRIOR to dismantling the car. It is your responsibility to prove your loss. Supporting photographs of broken parts should also be included but above all, you MUST make sure the car is shown in its damaged state.

This is a WARRANTY on your policy. The Insurers have absolute right to repudiate a claim if you fail to comply with the above stipulations.

Photographs should be sent directly to MORIS either digitally on line or by post.

Claim Form:
This is completed directly on the MORIS site via the Ontrack Claims section.

Parts List:
An itemised parts list from the manufacturer MUST be provided clearly showing the parts claimed. This should be sent to us either digitally on line or by post.

Stock Parts:
Any parts claimed from stock must be clearly identified and supported with an invoice confirming the cost of such part.

Sub Contracted work:
Any sub-contracted work must be supported by relevant invoices and any other relevant supporting documentation.

Disposal of parts:
Damaged parts should NOT be disposed of until you have permission to do so or until you have received final claim payment.

Disposal of parts:
Damaged parts should NOT be disposed of until you have permission to do so.

Insurers have absolute right to repudiate a claim should it become evident that the claim be false or fraudulent as regards to amount or otherwise.