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Motorsport insurance? We've got it covered
  • Competition On Track

    Buy per event or up to 4 events at a time. Aggregate insurance up to £30,000. Option to also insure your excess.

  • Road Risks

    Annual Cover with automatic 15% Discount for new customers. Options to include Road Section Cover and also Vehicle Recovery insurance.

  • Karting

    Annual cover from £69.95. Options to include on track chassis damage and theft away from your premises.

  • Bike Sport

    Daily cover for up to 8 days in advance. Premiums from just £40 per day with with £500 min excess.

  • Personal Injury

    A "must have" cover for any competition. £70 buys you peace of mind protection of £100,000 for death or disability. Loss of income also available.

The first two steps are:

1. You must notify without delay or as soon as reasonably possible if You or any Insured Person has a claim, potential claim or event covered by the Confirmation of Cover & Schedule of Insurance. This can be done via our on-line Notification Form

2. You will be asked to complete a claim accident report form and return as soon as reasonably possible. 


The claim will need to be supported by a Qualified Practitioner in the United Kingdom.

For the purpose of assessing and verifying the claim and before Insurers agree a claim, Insurers may require the Insured person to undergo a medical examination (including a post-mortem), which would be at Insurers expense, when and as often as Insurers may reasonably request.

Insurers may also need statements or medical reports from the Insured person's treating medical attendant, vocational expert or consultant.

Any medical evidence and information that Insurers require to assess and verify a claim will be paid for by Insurers.

Insurers may also require the Insured person to attend any available rehabilitation courses considered appropriate by Insurers. Any attendance by You on a rehabilitation course that Insurers require will be paid for by Insurers.

If Insurers ask You or the Insured person to attend a medical examination or rehabilitation course and You or the Insured person refuse or do not attend, or if Insurers do not receive the necessary consent to access Your or the Insured person's medical records or reports, Insurers may refuse the claim.

Your claim may be reviewed by Insurers Chief Medical Officer. If evidence satisfactory to Insurers is not provided, Insurers may decline the claim, for example.

No amount of benefit will become payable until You have provided proof to Insurers satisfaction of:

·       the eligibility of the Insured person, including date of birth;

·       the occurrence of the Insured event, with the relevant medical evidence.

If Insurers agree to a payment of benefit, Insurers are not admitting liability under this Certificate in respect of any pending or future claims. Each claim is dealt with on its own merits.

Insurers will not be liable to pay any claims under this insurance unless You and/or the Insured person(s) comply with all terms and conditions set out in this Certificate.

If You are unclear about whether You can claim, or how to claim, please contact

Important Contact Information – Our Authorised representative

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