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Motorsport insurance? We've got it covered
  • Competition On Track

    Buy per event or up to 4 events at a time. Aggregate insurance up to £30,000. Option to also insure your excess.

  • Road Risks

    Annual Cover with automatic 15% Discount for new customers. Options to include Road Section Cover and also Vehicle Recovery insurance.

  • Karting

    Annual cover from £69.95. Options to include on track chassis damage and theft away from your premises.

  • Bike Sport

    Daily cover for up to 8 days in advance. Premiums from just £40 per day with with £500 min excess.

  • Personal Injury

    A "must have" cover for any competition. £70 buys you peace of mind protection of £100,000 for death or disability. Loss of income also available.




This is a summary and does not contain the full Terms and Conditions, which can be found in the policy wording. It is important that you read the full policy wording and your Confirmation of Cover when you receive them. 

This Summary of Cover does not form part of the insurance contact.

Name of the insurance undertaking
MO.R.I.S Competition Personal Accident Insurance is underwritten 100% at Lloyd's of London by Syndicates managed by Jubilee Managing Agency Limited.  Jubilee Managing Agency Limited is entered on the Register of Lloyd's Managing Agents.

Type of insurance cover
This is an seasonal personal accident policy.  It is designed to provide you with personal accident cover whilst you are competing in, or travelling to or from, any event organised by a member club of the Motor Sport Association (MSA).  All personal accident policies expire 31st December each year, in line with your competition licence.  You will, therefore, need to renew your cover on-line before commencing the following season's competition activities.

Eligibility for cover
You can buy this cover if you are:
• under 64 years of age, and
• resident in the United Kingdom, and
• a licence holders of the MSA (Motor Sport Association) / Club Card holder of an MSA recognised motorsport club.

Significant features and benefits
• You are covered whilst practicing, testing and racing.
• You must choose to insure yourself against Death and/or Permanent Total Disability.
• Cover combinations are available as follows:

 1.  Accidental Death.  Select cover from £10,000 to £250,000 (cover for minors is limited to £2,500) and/or,

 2. Permanent Total Disability: Select Cover from £10,000 to £250,000
This is for the very serious accident and one which would prevent you from attending any business or occupation for which you are reasonably suited by training, education, or experience and which lasts for a continuous period of 24 months. After this period an appropriate doctor must confirm that there is no hope that your medical condition will improve. 
Important: If you have a highly specialised occupation where perhaps a relatively minor but permanent disability could cause the termination of this occupation, then we would recommend a policy more specific to such needs.

When choosing Permanent Total Disablement you have the option at the time of purchase to extend cover to include Partial Disability.

3. Partial Disabilities: This can pay you a proportion of the Total Disability specified above where you suffer such injuries as Loss of: sight, Loss of limb(s), Loss of hearing, and total amputation of toes. A full scale of compensation can be found in page 4 of the policy wording.

Once you have chosen Accidental Death and/or Permanent Total Disability you have the options to extend coverage to include the following:

4.  Emergency medical expenses:  (This is NOT a private medical insurance).
If you have an accident in the UK that requires emergency treatment the NHS will take care of you. You will only need this cover if you are racing outside of the UK and within Europe. If you are racing beyond European boundaries and you require this cover you will need to call us since there may be an additional premium to pay. Repatriation expenses are limited to £5,000 any one accident.

 5.  Loss of weekly income (Temporary Total Disablement): Providing you are 18 to 64 and in gainful employment (and therefore receive an income), should you be unable to work this insurance will provide necessary compensation. The weekly sum insured should be based on the nearest figure to your net weekly income. The insurers will pay this benefit up to a full 52 weeks, excluding the first 28 days. The maximum weekly level of benefit is £2,500 or 60% of your normal gross monthly earned income, whichever is the lower amount.

It is important that you understand that you cannot select Partial Disability without Permanent Total Disability and you cannot select Emergency Medical Expenses or Temporary Total Disablement without Accidental Death and/or Permanent Total Disability. 

Significant and unusual exclusions or limitations: Like all policies of this type there are some situations that are not covered and situations where a payment condition may apply.  Please refer to the Exclusions and General Conditions sections of the Policy.

The main exclusions for death and disability are for claims resulting from:
• Illness
• Any accident which occurs outside the 'operative time' specified in your personal certification of cover
• War, terrorism and radiation
• Activities whilst taking part in armed forces services or operations
• Self inflicted injuries and deliberate exposure to danger
• Criminal activity
• Using a motorbikes unless you have selected this as your method of travelling from your home to the track and this is confirmed in your certification of cover
• Psychiatric/mental disorders
• Backache without additional evidence such as X-rays or an MRI scan.

The main exclusions under the Emergency Medical Expenses cover are:
• The amount of excess shown on your personal certification of cover
• Expenses incurred after you have returned to the United Kingdom
• Where you have travelled against medical advice
• Certain costs and expenses that have not been pre-authorised
• Treatment which could be delayed until you return to the United Kingdom
• Illness
• Cosmetic surgery and associated treatment unless necessitated by accident bodily injury
• Psycho-analytical and psycho-therapeutical treatment
• HIV and AIDS.

Important note: There is a "waiting period" of 24 months before we will pay permanent disability benefit unless medical examinations are able to show, conclusively, that there is no hope that your condition will improve within this 24 month period.

Duration of cover: All personal accident policies run from the date of purchase and expire 31st December, in line with your competition licence. You will therefore need to renew on-line before commencing the following seasons competition activities.

Cooling-off period: If, having applied for this insurance, you decide that you do not want it after all, simply write to MO.R.I.S within 14 days of receiving your insurance documents and all cover will be cancelled. You will only be entitled to a refund within the cooling-off period on the condition that you have not had any benefit of the policy. This means you have not made a claim or been practicing, testing or racing / rallying since your policy started. 

Cancelling cover: You are entitled to cancel your policy at any time after the cooling off period has expired, however, no refund of premium will be payable.  The Insurers may cancel this policy at the end of any policy year provided that they have sent 30 days notice to your last known address.  Cancellation will then be effective from the following 31st December.  In the event of cancellation you will continue to receive any benefits for a valid claim which occurs before the cancellation date.

Automatic cancellation: All cover under this policy will end automatically on the first of these events:
• You reach age 65
• Upon your death or upon payment of the Maximum Policy Benefit shown on the Confirmation of Cover.

How to claim: Should you need to make a claim under this policy please contact the Claim Administrators on the telephone number shown below:
01444 450 550  (from the UK) Fax: 01444 441 882 Email:
+44 (0)1444 450 550 (rest of the World)

How to Make a Complaint: Both MO.R.I.S and the Claim Administrators are dedicated to providing you with a high quality service at all times.  If you or your personal representative feel that you have not been offered a first class service please tell them.  Every effort will be made to sort out the problem.

If you, or your personal representative, wish to make a complaint about your policy or premium payments please contact The Customer Response Team, MO.R.I.S C/o London Special Risks Ltd (LSR), Minster House, 42 Mincing Lane, London, England, EC3R 7AE. Email:

However, if the problem or complaint is about a claim please contact the Claim Administrators by writing to The Managing Director, Jubilee Service Solutions Limited, 21 Perrymount Road, Haywards Heath, West Sussex RH16 3TP.  Phone 01444 450 550. Fax: 01444-458 234. email:  They have internal complaints handling procedures that are available on request.

If you or your personal representative are not happy with the way the complaint has been dealt with it can be referred to Lloyd's.  The contact details are: Policyholder & Market Assistance, Lloyd's Fidentia House, Walter Burke Way, Chatham Maritime, Kent ME4 4RN.  Phone: 020 7327 5693.  Fax 020 7327 5225. E-mail:

Complaints that cannot be resolved by Lloyd's may be referred to the Financial Ombudsman Service, South Quay Plaza, 183 Marsh Wall, London, E14 9SR.  Tel 0845 080 1800.  Further details will be provided at the appropriate stage of the complaints process. This complaints procedure is without prejudice to your or your legal representative's right to take legal proceedings.

The Financial Services Compensation Scheme
The Insurers are covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.  You may be entitled to compensation under the scheme if they are unable to meet their obligations to you under this contact. Further information can be obtained from the Financial Services Compensation Scheme: (10th Floor Beaufort House, 15 Botolph St, London EC3A 7QU) by phone on 020 7741 4100 or 0800 678 1100 and on their website at