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Motorsport insurance? We've got it covered
Single day & specified car makes under £30,000
Unbelievable value
daily premium from
Cover for UK and European Circuits. Optional extensions include insurance for Personal Injury, "Get you home" Vehicle Recovery (UK only) and insurance of your policy excess
BIKES on Track Days
BEST ever from...
Choose a basic "Total Loss Only" or "Ground Up" policy for either a single day or for up to eight days in advance.
Multi Day & Over £30k
AMAZING cover from..
For cars valued over £30,000 & and for multiple day bookings.
Get You Home Recovery
Sensible precaution
For accident or breakdown at the track. Discounted to £9.99 for track day policyholders
Personal Injury
It can happen...
up to £100,000 death and disability £10 per £25,000. Save 50% when you insure your trackday car or bike

Track Day Insurance for Cars and Bikes

Track Day Insurance for your car or motorbike is available on-line. Our Track Day Insurance covers any car up to a value of £200,000 if need be and motor bike to a value of £15,000. The key element to our Track Day Insurance policy is crash damage. This may be caused by your over excitement, the over enthusiasm of another participant or maybe even getting hit after you break down on the track.  Our Track Day Insurance policy will allow you to recover the costs of damage sustained and we are not interested in who's fault it may be.

Mechanical items such as engine, gearbox and suspension are all covered following accident and impact damage but we don't cover the cost of wear and tear and we don't pay for any items that simply breakdown.

If you believe your current road insurers provide track day insurance within your regular policy, we would urge you to ensure you have this in writing.  You also want to be clear that in the event of an accident, what would happen to your No Claims Bonus. By taking advantage of our "stand alone track day insurance policies" certainly any NCB you may have built up over the years will be better protected.

Covered for Mechanicial Breakdown

Our Track Day Insurance policies are the most comprehensive in the market - offering more cover than all of our competitors. If you suffer an accident due to a mechanical failure (i.e. blown tyre, broken suspension etc) then our policies will of course cover you for any accident damage that might follow. Our "Get you Home" circuit recovery insurance option, provided by On-Time Recovery, will be operative in the event of either an accident prevents you from getting home or even a mechanical breakdown (subject to your car being less than seven years old). We believe covering you for all these mechanical breakdown eventualities distinguishes us from our competitors. The only bits we cannot cover are the cost of the replacement bits that actually break without an accident happening.  We can not cover wear and tear.

Our little "extras" help

Being the market leaders in Track Day Insurance, we understand the need for useful extras for you to consider. As extension to our Track Day Insurance policies we are also able to provide Personal Accident and for cars under £30,000 value we will even give you the option of insuring your policy excess. How much better could it get? For those of you looking for overseas track day insurance cover we have a specially modified Travel Insurance policy that will cover you in the event you are unfortunate enough to have an accident and need urgent medical expenses.

Trackday Insurance for Circuit Drivers and Bike Riders

Circuit driver insurance and circuit rider insurance also comes with optional trackday personal accident and injury insurance. With our bike trackday insurance there are options to cover your trackday bike for Total Loss only or for the more extensive coverage we provide Ground Up Cover to provide for the partial loss.

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