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Motorsport insurance? We've got it covered
  • Competition On Track

    Buy per event or up to 4 events at a time. Aggregate insurance up to £30,000. Option to also insure your excess.

  • Road Risks

    Annual Cover with automatic 15% Discount for new customers. Options to include Road Section Cover and also Vehicle Recovery insurance.

  • Karting

    Annual cover from £69.95. Options to include on track chassis damage and theft away from your premises.

  • Bike Sport

    Daily cover for up to 8 days in advance. Premiums from just £40 per day with with £500 min excess.

  • Personal Injury

    A "must have" cover for any competition. £70 buys you peace of mind protection of £100,000 for death or disability. Loss of income also available.

How Much is Trackday Insurance?

There is no simple answer to this because it depends on type of car or bike, the circuit, the value, your age and how many days you are insuring. There are other variables too, such as additional drivers and in some cases we do grant discounts to some selected organisers. Additionally we are introducing "early bird" discounts too so it is difficult to provide a precise answer.

Probably the easiest way to answer this is to comment on the minimum premium and the average premium people are typically spending for a single day trackday cover. Ultimately you will need to seek a deifinitve quotation and you may be very surprised as to how little it will cost you.

GET QUOTE     Cars Under £30,000. From £75. Ave. £125.

GET QUOTE     Cars Over £30,000. From £95. Ave. £195.  

GET QUOTE     Bikes up to £15,000. From £99. Ave £140.

POLICY EXCESS: With regards to the policy excess, the minimum excess we have for cars is £1,000, but is usually between 5% and 8% of the total value of the insured vehicle.

For cars under £30,000 value we also have a terrific optional extension that allows you to actually insure your excess so in the event of an accident where damage exceeds the stated excess, if you have taken advantage of the extension you will have NOTHING to pay!

For motorbikes, we have a different rating structure and you can choose your level of excess starting from £750. Also, we provide the additional option of allowing you to decide if you do or do NOT want the bodywork and fairings covered so it is often worth seeking a number of quotations to find a premium that suits your own needs.

What makes the premium more expensive? Some circuits carry a loading and places like Nurburgring and always going to be more expensive than say an old airfield. Young drivers in very fast cars can carry a higher premium but again this may be negated by the safety of the actual circuit. Very expensive cars with very high values offer a greater exposure to the "pot" so there may be a greater load on the rate to reflect this.

Probably the biggest single denominator that always jumps out at us is the "additional driver". Most are very sensible, but where there are accidents 80% of the time it was the additional driver. We have had a son destroy a very rare car within a coupe of corners and never completed a single lap and plenty of mates who "were just doing a handful of laps" . As we say on our Get Quote page, "ADDITIONAL DRIVERS ARE A NIGHTMARE", so maybe ask yourself what relationships will be like if your additional driver runs out of talent quicker then expected.

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