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Motorsport insurance? We've got it covered
Annual OFF TRACK Insurance for competition Bikes
Great THEFT cover
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Fire & Theft Insurance for all competition, off road and race bikes. Your policy requires the insured equipment to be marked using Datatag. Cover also for spares and equipment
Rider Injury Insurance
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Injury insurance for competition licence holders. Insure for up to £1,000 per week loss of income and £100,000 disability
Team Support Vehicle
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Currently under development this will be available soon.
Track Day Insurance
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Daily cover available or for up to 8 days in advance. Choose from Total Loss only or Ground Up Cover
Get You Home Recovery
Sensible precaution
Trackday recovery of your bike in the event of an accident or mechanical failure

Insurance for off road competition motorbikes and motorcycle racing bike insurance

Our specialist Off Road Competition Bike Insurance policies are amongst the most popular amongst competition riders and track day participants. Our competition motorcycle insurance policies are designed for all forms of motorbike sport and for licence holders with the Auto Cycle Union (ACU), the Amateur Motor Cycle Association (AMCA) and the Speedway Control Bureau (SCB)Insurance for Motocross, Trials bikes and all forms of motorcycle race bike for ACU


Our annual policies for Off Road Motorbike theft Insurance are available on-line today for a FREE, no obligation quotation. Our motorcycle insurance policies will cover the competition motorbikes for theft, fire and accidental damage at your premises and while in transit. All of our policies state that the insured competition motorbikes and all insured equipment must be identified using Datatag's unique kit for competition bikes. This acts as an excellent deterrent for professional thieves and also increases the prospects of recovery of stolen items. This helps insurers to keep the premium down.

Our polices for motorcycle racing includes those looking for road race insurance, enduro bike insurance and supermoto insurance.


Our specialist competition motorcycle insurance services include a personal accident insurance that is regarded as  wider and more comprehensive than any other policy available on the market place. We fully understand the consequences of loosing your income should you have an accident while competing so our on-line rider protection policies will cover you for up to £1,000 per week loss of income. Further we are able to provide up to £100,000 death or permanent disability benefit as well as emergency medical expenses insurance for those of you competing in European events.


Our Off Road Competition Motorbike Insurance policies have been designed to include cover for emergency medical expenses.up to £100,000 when you opt to take out our leading competition motorcycle rider insurance. This is available for competitors taking part in European motorcycle racing, motocross or trials rideing events. For Track Day riders we have a specially modified travel insurance policy that will provide for any expenses incurred in the event of an emergency while you are on your track day in Spain, France, Italy or any other part of Europe.

Specialist personal accident insurance for bike racers includes cover for death, permanent disability, loss of income and bike racing medical expenses insurance when racing abroad.


We pride ourselves being the premier UK provider for Track Day Insurance for bikes. We have been providing this longer than any other competitor and offer great flexability with the on-line cover you can arrange. We will cover any bike up to £15,000 on either single day events or up to eight specified track days. You decide on your own level of excess, whether you want to cover the "pretty bits" (bodywork and fairings) and if you ant to restrict cover to your bike simply being written off. 

Our motorcycle track day insurance policies for motorbikes come with handy optional extensions including Personal Accident cover Death and Permanent Disability, and we have a great "get you home" cover courtesy of On-Time Recovery. If you have an accident and are unable to ride your bike home if you have opted for this extension we help take the added pain away of trying to get you home.

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